Friday, 20 January 2012

T-shirts for Boys and Girls

T-shirts are popular with both sexes, so designers need to satisfy both markets.

Womens Designer Clothing
When designers are working on the next collections, they’re often working on clothing for men, women and children. For designers that specialise in casual wear, that means a new range of t-shirts with both men and womens designer clothing.

T-shirts for Everyone

Most people wear t-shirts at one time or another, and for many people, the t-shirt is an essential wardrobe item. People who are most comfortable in t-shirts often have quite a collection, stemming from many years of t-shirt wearing. Vintage t-shirts are becoming popular alongside new designer collections – particularly older t-shirts from the 1980s, when the message on the t-shirt was more important than the style. For t-shirt wearers everywhere, the rise of the designer t-shirt has been a great addition to the market. Where there was once a big gap between high street fashion and top-range couture fashion, there are now a number of designers who are offering excellent quality designs with great materials at affordable prices. T-shirts form a significant part of this market, with leading t-shirt designers producing ranges for both men and women – often differently styled for body shape and with a variety of colours and messages. Popular t-shirt designers include:

  • Henleys – t-shirts by Henleys, with their bold use of colour and design are popular with a whole new generation of fashion followers. Henleys isn’t scared to use the whole potential of the t-shirt, often branding the front and back so there’s no mistaking whose designs you’re wearing.

  • Bench – this popular brand often only uses the chest area of t-shirts for its designs, and those designs vary from a straightforward brand to pictures, drawings and slogans. For that reason, you can own several Bench t-shirts that each say something different about you.

  • Gio-Goi – a funky label that likes to use colour and design to good effect on t-shirts. With an element of retro styling, Gio-Goi’s t-shirts are popular with a wide age range. The company’s t-shirts use a number of designs and plays on the brand, which appeal to both men and women.

  • FCUK – a well-established brand, FCUK has long been known for its cheeky and in-your-face branding. Its current t-shirts are no exception and again are popular with both sexes.

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