Friday, 20 January 2012

Belstaff Jackets – Styling the Stars for Eight Decades

Belstaff jackets have been worn by some of the coolest and most famous celebrities since the1920s, making Belstaff jackets the ultimate fashion accessory.

belstaff jackets
Belstaff is a clothing company that has built its global reputation on their stylish yet durable clothes. Belstaff jackets have been flung over the shoulders of celebrities since the early days of Hollywood ensuring the Belstaff brand consistently comes out on top in the style stakes.

Revolutionary Style – The Belstaff Brand

Belstaff jackets were at the forefront of clothing technology from the 1920s onwards. Belstaff were the first company in the world to utilise water proof, wind proof and friction resistant fabrics for their Belstaff jackets. Whats more, Belstaff managed to combine this incredible functionality with timeless style. Belstaff combined comfort, style and practicality – a winning combination that appealed to the lifestyles of the rich and famous – such as racing driving fanatic Steve McQueen. Anything McQueen touched attained an instant cool status. It isn't surprising then, that Belstaff jackets from the early years of Belstaff designs can fetch a small fortune at auction. Belstaff has something newer brands can't compete with – it's the original and best designer brand embraced by stars such as Quentin Tarantino and Ewan McGregor.
Belstaff jackets are incredibly sought after to this day – the combination of style and technology in the garments mean they appeal to adventurers, adrenalin junkies and catwalk models alike - Belstaff has styled stars from Brad Pitt to Kate Moss. The brand seems made for the big screen thanks to its iconic look. Belstaff jackets have an effortless cool that means they've co-starred in some major films over the years, and their recent outing is a Belstaff blockbuster – the brand will be contributing to the wardrobe for the new Terminator film starring Christian Bale.

Famous Belstaff Jackets

Perhaps because of its timeless appeal, Belstaff jackets manage to combine modern technology and still retain a certain vintage vibe. The Belstaff brand may have its roots in the past but it has stayed ahead of the fashion game by remaining light years ahead of its peers in terms of style, design and status. Belstaff may be clothing the American movie stars, but its style is embedded in British and European sensibilities – Belstaff is Italian owned. The clothing line is contemporary sophistication personified and unlike other fashion lines, Belstaff never compromises on durability. A Belstaff jacket is made to endure. The famous Belstaff jackets can transform your wardrobe, ensuring you'll stand out of the crowd.

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