Monday, 11 June 2012

Books on Modelling

There is a wide range of books available about modelling, which can give you useful background information about starting your career modelling designer shoes or fashion.

You can learn as much from a supermodel’s biography or autobiography as you can from a general guide book to modelling. A good book about models and the industry will tell you about the good things and the bad, and should prepare you for what to expect if you decide to go ahead and be a model.

Modelling Guides

Books like “The Complete Guide for Models” features sections on all aspects of modelling, and includes contributions from agents, photographers, magazine editors and make-up and hair stylists. All these experts have advice and guidance to give and are quite often very candid about the life they lead and what is expected of the models.

If you already know what sort of modelling career you want to follow, there’s probably a book out there that can help you. There are certainly books on hand-modelling, commercial modelling and child modelling. Some books focus specifically on modelling for black or Asian models, whilst others concentrate on hair, make-up and fashion tips.

Modelling By Models

It’s not uncommon to see books on modelling written by ex-models. These can be useful, not only because the model has a true insider’s view of the lifestyle, but because she or he has lots of industry contacts, who will contribute to the book. These can also include useful resources such as contact names at agencies. Modelling agencies have also been known to contribute to modelling guides and, in the case of Wilhelmina, to write their own complete guide.

Models’ autobiographies can be very revealing about the industry, and modelling life in general. Whilst they will talk about the glamour, travel and celebrity lifestyle, they will also highlight the difficulties of the career and you will learn a lot about what a model’s day to day life is really like. Whereas some of the other books may be very encouraging about the benefits of a modelling career, the autobiography will tell it like it is, and they’re worth reading so that you get the full picture of what you may be letting yourself in for.

Reading in preparation for your modelling career is a good idea. You will get a feel for how the industry works and some tips on how to approach agents and how to decide which area of modelling is for you. You may even be put off the idea of being a model forever, but at least you’ve only paid out for the book.


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